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Barbara Wicher 
pisarka oraz tłumaczka literatury z języka francuskiego















Tybald and the Ancestor’s Well prediction


 Łukasz Ryłko (illustrations)

 Format:            142x192

Pages:              320

ISBN:                 83-89310-22-8


“Tybald and the Ancestor’s Well prediction” is a book addressed to young readers and anyone who appreciates fantasy, good humour, action, surprises, and is not afraid to look at the world from another angle (in Tybald’s case, perpendicular).

« Tybald… » is a story about an ordinary boy living in a country in which ordinariness will often make us surprised.

Thirteen-year-old Tybald has a pet kangaroo, is bored by ghostology lessons, does not seem to be astonished when seeing Shrinklanders (creatures, that change their size according to air humidity), finally he turns to the clairvoyant Ancestor’s Well for advice.

Tybald’s family is keeping a secret that the boy is beginning to discover. When his people are facing danger – mad Demolin and aggressive neighbours – it becomes obvious that it is not easy to run away from fate.  

The second volume in preparation.

Translation rights to acquire.


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